How Solid Is Your Center?

Yesterday, I was joking with my 10-year-old daughter, Angel, along with her “kuya” and “ate.” We were having fun noticing how Angel has become specially bigger and taller. She used to be the “center” of my attention, my little baby. But babies grow up and change. And someday, my time will be up! I can only praise God for the opportunity to be present with and for her during the most important first years of her life.

Most things in life can disappear. It’s simply the nature of human existence. Of course, we can enjoy what we have on hand while we can. But still, this earth is not our final home. Everything is temporary. We’re all just passing through.

Yet people “center” their lives on things that disappear like ones listed below. Would you like to take a look at these and check where your life really revolves around?

___ Work/Business
___ Money, cars, houses, possessions
___ Husband or wife
___ Children
___ Appearance
___ Health
___ Friends
___ Recreation/Sports
___ Travel

Here’s the problem. Money and possessions break, rust, and wear out. Health can deteriorate. Friends die, betray, or leave. A husband or wife can become unfaithful or face death. And so on and so forth.

For most people, when that “center” (any or a combination of the above) is lost, they feel lost too. They lose meaning. They see no hope because their “center” disappears.

In the end, only one thing is permanent. Only one thing is critical to your stability, security, and wholeness. It cannot be taken away. And that is, a living relationship with God your Creator at the “center” of your life.

Once God is at the “center” of your life, you can access His power to help you heal from the losses, aches, or temporary things of this life. He alone can stabilize our life’s orbit.

How secure and solid, my friend, is your “center?”

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