Boredom Blues

Recently, I was browsing the net and I saw Mike Tyson playing chess with Muhammad Ali. Amused yet intrigued, it led me to read on a bit more about Mike, world boxing’s infamous, “ear-biting” champ. Today, from what I read, he holds an interesting TV program entitled “Being: Mike Tyson.”

It reminded me of an interview Mike Tyson made on television several years back where he told a reporter of the “hopelessness of his life.” Behind his 75 million dollars earnings in 1996, a huge luxurious house built on 17 acres with 61 rooms, 38 baths, 7 kitchens, a disco, a gym, and master bedroom with 5 television sets, the diamond-studded Mike Tyson talked of his boredom.

Upon hearing the confession, the bewildered TV reporter raised an eyebrow and asked the millionaire boxing champ a question: “You have al this and you feel that way … ?” “Ya,” said Tyson. “I stayed here probably four times … I guess I am extremely bored.”

What a picture of an empty life. A life of boredom. A life without purpose. It’s true how one writer put it, “Boredom is a collapse of meaning.” Tyson’s affluent life seems to shout, “Hey, what’s all this? Why go on? Where’s the hope and reason for everything?”

What do you think was Mike Tyson’s problem?

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