No Money This Christmas?

Can you be rich every Christmas even with little or no money?

I don’t know about you, but given truth and time, we can know what makes Christmas rich. The trouble is, there is a global “veil” that makes us trade things that matter for the things that don’t. People are too busy spending money. Having parties and gifts. Jumping lights. Ham, beer, lots of food. And the essence of Christmas often gets lost in the blur.

There’s no doubt about it, money has its advantages during holidays. Of course, it cannot buy you love or happiness. But it would be a denial to say that money won’t buy anything. Look at some of the things below that money can and cannot buy during Christmas (or any day of your life!):

* Companions, but not friends.
* Food, but not satisfaction.
* Beautiful house, but not a home.
* Fancy gifts, but not love.
* Sex, but not intimacy.
* Pills, but not health.
* Fun, but not fulfillment.
* Merriment, but not peace.

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