Healing OFW Families

One mental health principle is clear:  Psychologically, emotionally, financially, physically, and spiritually, it’s ideal and best for husband, wife, and children to remain together.

With that, we can see that being an OFW sure helps the country’s economy but it’s a short-term solution. It helps with financial benefits but it hurts the family. The costs and risks that are put on the stability of family, marriage, parenting, and society are much higher.

Healing broken OFW families is a gigantic task. There are already increasing millions suffering and we currently do not have enough competent help available to them. The problem is complex. But here are a few bits and pieces on this matter for OFW spouses, parents, and children:

*  Need to cultivate love of God, family, and country; examine values – change the way we think about going to other countries for a “better life.”

*  A foremost therapeutic tool to heal, nourish, and preserve the OFW family is spiritual or faith development and community.

*  OFWs regularly keep in touch with left-behind spouse and children using high technology and other forms of media.

*  If being an OFW is taken as a last resort to feed family, there must be a practical plan. It cannot go on for too long or indefinitely.

*  For deeply emotionally broken spouses and children, they may seek professional/specialized therapists and counselors.

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