Did You Bury Your Pain Alive?

People seek relief from life’s pain. In seeking healing, many adopt false solutions rather than true ones.

For instance, experts say some run from pain through sex, romance, or relationship addiction. Dr. Lawrence Hatterer, professor of psychology at Cornell University Medical School, has 30 years of experience in the field of addiction therapy. He observes, “Addicts don’t use sex for affection or recreation, but for the management of pain or anxiety.”

Whatever the “drug-of-choice” – whether sex, nicotine, alcohol, work, money, busyness, or rage – Dr. Hatterer’s observation holds water. These efforts to postpone (via “manufactured substitutes”) rather than process the pain head on only cause even greater misery. Pain is just buried alive. Repressed. It therefore grows in silence until it demands to be felt. Physical illness, psychological disorders, and emotional disaster are all a result of pain buried alive.

Live pain is patient. It hounds without mercy. It always catches up. Eventually, you “hit bottom.” The live pain overwhelms your depleted capacity to endure. And you simply collapse.

If you are caught in this condition, you are not alone. There is no better time than today to face the truth within. Honesty with your self can begin the process of healing.

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