Emergent Therapeutic Awareness

Awakenings are an essential starting point towards true recovery and healing. It signifies the “hitting of bottom.”

An awakening may be dramatic. Sudden. Life-threatening. Even shocking.

More common though is the less dramatic type of awakening. It’s slow. It happens via a series of separate little awakenings stretched over a period of time. From a few days or weeks to months and even years.

Awakenings have triggers. Experiences. Words. Images. Crisis events. Here could be some of these to serve as triggers of awakenings and life change:

*  Experiencing a tragic loss or trauma
*  Hearing someone’s testimony or story
*  Reading literature and identifying your condition
*  Discovering the process of psychotherapy
*  Attending a workshop or conference, seminar
*  Seeing a video or media presentation and identifying
*  A doctor raises a question or possibility
*  Praying to God
*  Unhappiness, dissatisfaction over life
*  Relationship breakdowns

Awakening is freeing. You realize you are not sick or bad. Upon giving an accurate name to what happened, you simply discover that you are just wounded.

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