Why People Don’t Heal

Why is it that masses of people don’t heal and recover?

Snoopy, the cartoon character turned wise philosopher, once said: “It doesn’t make any difference whether you win or lose – until you lose!” That’s a pretty good insight about human nature.

Why do people don’t recover? One major answer is that they have not truly hit bottom yet. The pain isn’t great enough for you to realize that you cannot do it on your own. Hitting bottom means you have come to the end of your self. Only when it happens does life truly begin.

I’m reminded of a man who constantly face various problems within himself and his family. To avoid the pain of facing himself and these problems, he goes into preoccupation – drink, gamble, spend excessively, overwork, and go from one affair to another. He’ll do anything to avoid the pain, even if it’s just for the moment.

That’s “coping by copping out.” He remains stuck. His attempts to run away from the legitimate pain of processing his real problems also prevent him from entering genuine therapy, recovery, and wholeness.

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