Is There A Ghost Lurking Inside Of You?

Life can be a pendulum. You may swing from one extreme to the other. You seek ways or places to relieve your self from some unexplainable pain or discomfort. It is as if you’ve been running from your self — as though a frightening ghost lurks inside, a ghost of loneliness, emptiness, or some type of woundedness.

Ana was hearing voices. The voices say, “Isolate, isolate, someone’s going to hurt you.” Before she sleeps, she would “see” snakes and cockroaches attacking her even while awake. She never took the time to stop and look at what she’s really doing and seeing because she’s busy fearing and running. She was a “busyholic,” with an activity for each day and each night and each weekend. Instead of climbing the mountain, she’s busy running around it in circles. Her ghosts may have begun to seem real.

Eventually, she got tired and saw me. She got exhausted and finally realized that there must be more to life than running from her ghosts!  She begun to slow down into a time of moratorium, a time of silence, a time of personal healing.

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