Abstinence: A Choice To Heal

Abstinence. It’s a choice to heal. Whatever life-damaging “drug” you have — alcohol, shabu, overspending, rage, marital infidelity, pornography, gambling, junk foods, foul language, a bad company,  work or business, depressive feelings etc. — you choose to abstain. Because you want to get your life back … and be whole, healthy.

Abstinence is victory by the moment. Ask any recovering alcoholic or sex addict and they’ll confess that before they claim victory one day at a time, they must resist “temptation” one hour at a time. Even one moment at a time. For all of us, healing by abstinence from harmful or destructive elements in our lives is a battle of moments.

As you pursue to have another chance in your life or relationship, what “temptation” taunts you today?  Are you thirsty and hungry for something that will injure your health or destroy your relationships?  Do you unrealistically demand that things be put back to normal instantly, sooner or easier?  We all struggle, you know.

But, despite the pain of choosing to abstain from what’s harmful or damaging and not indulging your self, you can choose life instead. Your life.

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