Pornography Addiction

Very recently, a Hindu married couple from India saw me in Makati for marital therapy and counseling. Their problem: pornography addiction and infidelity. As I was speaking with them, their tears can fill several bottles. It’s so sad to witness the deep psychological wounding and devastation this type of addiction does to a marriage.

The current Diagnostics and Statistics Manual (DSM) of Mental Disorders describes certain sexual disorders characterized by excessive and unusual sexual urges, thoughts, and behaviors. Since pornography addiction does fit into that description of the DSM, it can be medically considered as a type of mental disorder. 

The porn addict objectifies the female human body. It’s a form of dehumanization of women. The porn addict, whether via the internet, photos, magazines etc., engages in it as a form of nonrelational relief and “medication” for some inner pain or hidden hunger. As a result, like other addictions, porn has life-damaging consequences to the addict’s sense of self and well being as well as his or her various relationships in life.

In order to heal from this addiction, the porn addict must reach a point when he or she is able to “talk” to pornography images and videos and say, “I want you to heal me but I know you can’t!” 

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