Recovery Tools For You

How do you take care of your self through a crisis stage? Here are some recommendations for you:

1. True friends
2. Asking for help
3. Relief from indecision and tension
4. Exercise, get physical
5. Deep-level counseling/therapy
6. Books, tapes, workshops
7. New hobbies and recreations
8. Exploring family tree origins
9. Nutrition, healthy foods
10. Prayer/God’s Word
11. Healing support group
12. Creative Imaging
13. Complimenting your self
14. Self disclosure
15. Not sweating the small stuff
16. Grow in your passions
17. Humor/Laughter
18. Try new possibilities
19. Volunteer and serve the hurting
20. Join a church or community
21. Forgive the unforgivable
22. Lightness, simplicity, contentment
23. Bi-focalism (multiple perspectives)

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