New Year’s Resolution?

Although a New Year’s Resolution is always observed to get broken, it’s never too late to lead you to finally do something. For your over-all health. Psychological. Physical. Emotional. Social. Spiritual.

Here are some suggestions. Take your choice what to include in your own new year’s resolution. Every new year is a gift of 365 opportunities for your life.

* Forgive an enemy or one who hurt you deeply.
* Smile. Laugh and make good jokes.
* Spend less time on Facebook or on-line.
* Spend more time with your spouse and children.
* Listen.
* Lower your expectations or lessen your demands on others.
* Take up running.
* Seek help for your severe unprocessed pains or unresolved issues.
* Express appreciation.
* Speak kindly to a stranger.
* Join a small life support group.
* Eat fruits and vegetables each day.
* Pray, read the Bible.
* Give a soft answer even though you’re fuming inside.
* Enter into another’s sorrow or wound.
* Find the time to keep a promise.
* Make new friends.
* Apologize if you were wrong.
* Save money.
* Give a gift to someone. Anonymously.
* Pray for your extended family members, neighbors, city, and country.
* Encourage an older person.

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