When Facts Are Undigested

Awhile ago, I met a man who knows a lot. He is a life coach, conducting seminars on personal growth and leadership development. He is a talented speaker admired by many. Yet amid all he knows and public persona, he is virtually helpless in healing his own psychological wounds. For over 20+ years now, he has been keeping a secret about himself: his homosexuality and addiction to having sex with different men.

In one of his books, author Lancelot Oliphant, observed that many students give correct answers on tests but fail to put those lessons into practice. “Such undigested knowledge is of little use,” declared Oliphant. Another author, Barnabas Piper, noticed a parallel in his own life talking about spirituality when he said, “I thought I was close to God because I knew all the answers, but I had fooled myself into thinking that was the same as relationship with God.”

During therapy sessions, I’ve always encountered hurting people who heard the right answers to heal. They thought they’ll be ok, able to do what they intend to do so they can finally get well. They can even be proudly proclaiming that they can do it on their own yet still incapacitated to carry out what they say they know and believe.

Healing and wholeness is never meant to be just taking in knowledge. Knowledge needs to be digested so it can nourish.

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