Dating While Separated?

A still married woman said that she’s dating multiple men from an online dating site. Her divorce/annulment is not yet final. She claimed that there has been no marriage as far as she’s concerned because of her husband’s infidelity and sexual addiction. So she feels free to  date or have a romantic relationship (even while still paper-married).

I’m thinking of driving without a license. Or, the ownership papers of the vehicle you’re driving are not yours. Then you get apprehended by the police. Did you commit an offense? Were the appropriate papers necessary?  Will you be arrested or charged for violation of law?

Thousands of men and women are jumping into a relationship or moving in with somebody while still paper-married. Do you wonder whether or not marriage is a mere piece of paper? Does the reality that others are doing it’s or pressuring you to do it make it right and healing for you?

If you’re still married and/or you’ve not fully healed your heart, a new relationship can lead to even greater harm than the broken marriage brought you.

Something to think about which to prioritize first to your healing and wholeness.

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