Financial Therapy

“How am I going to pay this bill?”

Cesar had his lowest point during his wife’s infidelity and leaving the house. He asked himself that question above multiple times, considering he had huge credit card debts and was left with a 4-year-old daughter and two teenagers to take care of. For a time, Cesar found himself penniless (eg. can’t even pay house electricity bill!) and unable to function each day as he groped severely to heal himself from the trauma of his wife’s betrayal and adultery.

Cesar’s unique financial healing testimony was amazing. He shared that he had nothing — and that’s the moment when he had more than he ever had in his life! He divulged his personal secret: that’s when his faith in God started to flood his heart and fill his lack and empty spaces.

With that, Cesar rolled up his sleeves. So emotionally wounded though he may be, he didn’t sit back and let the world take care of life for him. Eventually, he got steady sources of miraculous income. People helped him. There were resources out there. But the key was, Cesar chose to trust God and His wisdom and take action.

After over 8 years since his wife’s abandonment, Cesar now continues to flourish in his business. His previous credit card debts are now fully paid. A month ago at the start of the new year 2016, he blurted, “I’m thankful to Him for my new iPhone and my new condominium prime property that I’m now able to afford – all just a dream before!” Cesar continues to give to his three growing-up children and accumulate his growing savings for the future and insurance to leave his children.

When financial hardship comes your way (like in other types of brokenness), it’s a matter of who you trust. More than points of self stability psychologically and emotionally, you handle the financial crisis ultimately by relying on God above your self. Cesar is living proof of this financial healing Rx.

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