Loving Self

Once upon a time, a monk was determined to destroy his ego. He set himself up for this so he can eradicate any traces of vanity or self love inside him.

He dressed like a poor man and thought less of possessions. He refrained from speaking about his self. He never let any attachments to develop. He refused compliments. He was always on the lookout for manifestations of pride or vanity in himself.

Eventually, he started praising his poverty and self emptying. Comparing himself to a lot others, he realized that he had become attached to his detachment and external appearances of sacredness.

As time went by, his personality changed. He became more and more worried, irritated, and exhausted by his fruitless efforts to destroy his ego. He became unreachable, and developed impatience and lack of empathy towards other people.

Finally, fully drained and desperate, he began to join others dressing nice, eating well, accepting compliments, talking about his self, listening to others, and enjoying surroundings as the other people around him would do.

He felt better and healthier. He set about loving his self appropriately and as a result became capable to give love to others.

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