You Fail Only When You Quit

I read of an inspiring story that teaches us a lesson, applicable also in therapy as well as in life in general.

In 1952, Florence Chadwick targeted to swim 26 miles from the coast of California to Catalina Island. After 15 hours, a heavy fog started to block her view. She got disoriented and discouraged. She stopped swimming. To her chagrin, Chadwick learned that she had quit just 1 mile short of her destination.

A couple of months later, Chadwick tried a second time to swim to Catalina Island from the coast. Again a thick fog settled in. But this time, she didn’t give up. She pressed on no matter the difficulties and finally reached her destination. She then became the first woman to swim the Catalina Channel. Chadwick said she kept an image of the shoreline in her mind even when she couldn’t see it.

Problems and hurts of life tend to cloud our vision. It’s then that we have an opportunity to learn to see our goal with the eyes of faith and determination.

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