Why Slow or Little Change?

When Tina saw me, I was impressed by her dignified appearance. She’s a young school owner. In the course of our talks during sessions, she shared about her uncontrollable anger outbursts. Since childhood, she feels helpless managing this part of her despite her knowledge of what to do.

What may be happening to Tina and the roots of her continuing misery?  Even though she is bright and constructivist, she changes slowly or very little.

There are varied reasons for the “internal resistance” to change. Every person is unique, of course. Depending on multiple factors involved, I surmise some possibilities below:

* biologically prone to be severely disturbed — eg. serious personality disorder
* low frustration tolerance and won’t take time and effort usually required of change
* may view healing and improvement as “dangerous” because it takes away their excuses for not taking risks that they may fail at
* may be more interested in people approval and comforting presence than in getting better and being on their own
* may be hostile to others – such as spouse – who push them to change

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