Fight Sleep Disorder

Insomnia is typical of those going through tough times. Habitual sleeplessness produces irritability, personality changes, productivity compromises, relationship problems, health problems, as well as a host of emotional disorders such as rage, depression, and anxiety attacks.

There is no hard and fast rule about how much sleep is enough. According to sleep experts, individual requirements vary. Generally, they say we need from around 6-8 hours of sleep daily and most adults need 8. Among older adults or the aged, they sleep less after age 60.

Besides tracing the psychological roots of insomnia, I see some practical steps to be healthy to address the condition. Here are some of these:

# Regular exercise is known to improve sleep quality.

# Keep bedroom quiet and comfortable.

# Go to bed only when sleepy.

# Eat bananas, yogurt, and other foods rich in sleep-promoting tryptophan in the evening.

# Your body may need to avoid caffeine beverages that are neurostimulants.

# Sleeping pills do not cure insomnia and may interfere with REM sleep.

# Helpful sleep supplements are calcium, magnesium, melatonin, and vitamin B complex.

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