What is Abandonment Trauma?

Are you experiencing an abandonment trauma wound?

Abandonment trauma is a deep heart wound. It’s about loss of love, of connectedness. It often involves breakup, betrayal, aloneness. When left untreated, it continues to linger and create aftershocks.

Here below are life experiences which may create abandonment trauma wounds in its wake.

* You were left as a baby on the doorstep
* A divorce
* A woman left by her husband of 20 years for another woman
* A man being left by his fiancée for someone “more successful”
* A mother leaving her child
* A father leaving his child
* A friend feeling deserted by a friend
* A child whose pet dies
* A little girl grieving over the death of her mother
* A little bit wanting his Mom to pick him up from nursery school
* A child who feels replaced by the birth of another sibling
* A child feeling restless due to his parents’ emotional unavailability
* A boy realizing that he’s gay and anticipating the reaction of his parents and friends
* A teenager feeling her heart is broken
* A teenage boy afraid to approach the girl he loves
* A parent who has raised now-grown children, feeling empty, as if he or she has been deserted
* A child stricken with a serious illness watching his friends play while he is confined to bed
* A woman who has lost her job and with it her professional identity, financial security, and status
* A man who has been put out to pasture by his company as if he is obsolete
* A dying woman who fears being abandoned by loved ones as much or more than she fears pain and death
* A former pastor ignored or deserted by church leaders at a time of personal woundedness
* A man left by his wife who fled to another country

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