The Amorphous Ego

Today, I’ve been thinking of rocks. There is one type of rock that strikes me. I call it “amorphous rock.” It’s rock without definite form or structure. It may be sturdy and hard like other rocks. And yet it’s filled with pores and holes.

Similarly, when one gets traumatized, hurt, or deprived in significant life experiences, the self can develop “holes” in the personality. These are areas of emptiness in the ego where it lacks a sense of their worth.

So in attempts to fill those “holes,” psychologically wounded persons engage in “feels good” stuff. And they do may get addicted to it, even just for temporal relief.

Yet, no matter how long or how much the “feels good” stuff is taken in, it never works because the holes remain in the personality.

The self becomes amorphous. It needs to be filled, rebuilt, and reformed.

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