Liberate Your Mind

Do you know Abraham Lincoln?

His story is a story of liberation of the mind. Coming from a dysfunctional family, he expunged messages from his father that he deserved emotional and physical abuse. He rejected his father’s view that he’s unworthy of education and aspirations for achievement.

Abe soaked up affirmation from others and disproved his father’s bleak assessment of his son. Abraham Lincoln, amid torturous trials and limits in his life, became one of the greatest presidents the United States of America ever had.

Something happens when there’s no “liberation of the mind” from family wounds, as exemplified by Lincoln. The following are some self manifestations typical of those with unhealed wounds and pains from a dysfunctional or abusive family of origin.

1. Severe entitlement mentality
2. Inflated self importance/arrogance
3. Deadened conscience/moral blindness
4. Corroded emotions
5. Chronic, extreme, often exhibitionist rage
6. Demands unmerited favor and respect
7. Manipulation and exploitation
8. Vindictive schemes

Choose to heal and soar like Abraham Lincoln.


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