Past Failure Does Not Stop Future Success

A lot of times, deeply hurting individuals would tend to feel they’re “finished.”  After suffering setbacks or traumas, they’d say they see no more hope. They allow their past failures or mistakes to prevent their future healing and success.

It’s true we are fueled by the past. But, fuel only works when its combusted into another form, such as car gasoline. People who allow their past to become a combusted fuel for their future will be destined to wander through the same cycle of events.

It doesn’t have to be. The past is just a barometer that allows you to access what happened and make changes for the future. The past is a compass, not a magnet. Don’t allow it to draw you into a repetition of events.

If you read the lives of some of the world’s most successful people, some failed in school or lost a business or traumatized by a broken family or went bankrupt and impoverished. Often, its their failures of the past that give them belligerence to attack the future with a strange tenacious spirit of relentlessness.

Capitalize on failure rather than succumb to it. You can choose not to repeat old, past mistakes. Face a better future.

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