Dr. Frank and His Addiction

The addiction problem that afflicts millions of men and women around the world is smoking. Due to its heavy commercialization and widespread use, cigarettes are widely accessible. After they’ve engaged in it, people from all stages of the life cycle have a hard time giving it up.

In 1979, Dr. Frank Oski wrote an article in the New York Times rationalizing, as a medical doctor, that smoking is good for his health. 5 years later, after having a heart attack at age 51, he wrote another article linking smoking to heart disease. Since his heart attack, Dr. Frank had stopped smoking.

Nicotine is an addictive poison, like other known substances. It kills. It destroys health and brain wellness. Yet it’s sad to note that people still take it despite its life damaging consequences. Then, it can become too late for some.

In the case of Dr. Frank, unlearning his dependence on cigarettes was closely linked to his concern to live longer. He wanted to avoid another heart attack, escape early death. As smoking ceased to be rewarding for Dr. Frank, other types of rewards take its place in his life.

There is hope to quit your addiction. Don’t wait till much damage is done or it becomes too late. Value your life.

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