Do Not Accept Treatment Uncritically

When considering treatment for drug addiction, say for your teenage child, choose carefully. Most traditional programs are no panacea. Many of them attack the psyche of intended beneficiaries through misdiagnosis, mislabeling, or railroading.

Two psychologists investigated the problem of teenage drug use as well as existing treatment programs for them. Let me quote here what they say:

“Treatment programs are purposefully blurring the distinction between use and abuse …and preying on the national drug hysteria to scare parents into putting their teenager in treatment with as little provocation as having beer or smoking a joint… Aside from adverse effects on the family relationships and long term consequences of mislabeling the teenager, placing normal youngsters in drug treatment will place them square in the middle of a group of drug-abusing youths. As a result, if they did not enter treatment as abusers, they may well exit as abusers …”

Whatever you choose to do for treatment, do not become locked into a single idea or popular approach. Discern. Explore. Understand well what real treatment and healing is all about.

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