Dr. Jung and the Wounded Inner Child

One of the noted theorists on the WOUNDED INNER CHILD is Dr. Carl Jung.  His Theoretical Framework speaks of the “conscious – unconscious” and the “shadow” in describing the nature and dynamic of a wounded inner child’s psychological landscape.

Why do you need to heal your wounded inner child?  Here are basic reasons:

• To feel more loved and secure
• To make productive life choices
• To fix past life events
• To feel more blessings and joy
• To make healthy life patterns
• To learn forgiveness
• To make plans for the future

Understand how your wounded inner child affects your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Your inner child always interprets your present world. Depending on your past life adjustments, you’ll act accordingly or not. Your inner child adds viewpoints and feelings into your adult outlook especially when it comes to love, relationships, and self esteem.

There are VARIATIONS OF the WOUNDED INNER CHILD. Here are 7 types:

1. Spoiled child – part of you that always wants to get what it wants; if not, you’ll throw temper tantrums or feel angry or annoyed
2. Unplayful child – forgotten how to be naturally playful, spontaneous, creative, blissful
3. Neglected child – feels alone because of lack of nurture and love; doesn’t feel worthy to be cared for and loved; vice versa, they also don’t know how to truly love
4. Abandoned child – child self left for varied reasons such as too busy or rejecting parents..feels anxious that others will leave her behind
5. Fearful child – child has been criticized when she was small; feels deprived of positive affirmations and encouragement
6. Unbonded child – child doesn’t know how to be close to anyone due to primal pain of attachment disorder; always alone and feels isolated; prefers to trust themselves than depend on others; main issue is trust and honesty
7. Discounted child – part of self that’s ignored, doesn’t believe in her self; needs lots of affection n support

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