Choose To Be Free From Your Jungle

In a jungle in the Philippines, there was once a Japanese soldier named Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda who fought during World War II. When the war had ended and peace declared,  Onoda of the Japanese Imperial Army, didn’t know the war had ended.

Attempts were distributed to track him down. Leaflets were dropped over his location, telling him the war was over. But Onoda, whose last order in 1945 was to stay and fight, dismissed these attempts and leaflets as trickery or propaganda from the enemy.

He did not surrender until March 1974—nearly 30 years after the war had ended! This happened when his former commanding officer traveled from Japan to the Philippines, rescinded his original order, and officially relieved Onoda of duty. Onoda finally believed the war was over.

When it comes to personal healing and Recovery, many still haven’t been able to heal from the wounds of their past. They’re still unable to move on and find peace. As a result, they still live defeated lives, trying to survive on their own in the jungle of life.

The war can be over in your life. You can have a new beginning. Step out of the prison of your jungle. And choose to be free, finally.

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