Search for Happiness

There once lived a king who had everything. Wealth plus absolute power over people. But despite this, he was unhappy. He sought a wise man in his kingdom who said to him, “Find a truly happy man in your kingdom, take his shirt from him and wear it to yourself. Then you’ll be happy.”

So king dispatched elite force throughout his kingdom and found one. Here’s the trouble: the truly happy man does not own a shirt. Moral?  happiness cannot be found in material possessions or money or power.

D. Prager in his book, “The Secret of Happiness,” wrote: “I have often thought that if Hollywood stars have a role to play, it is to teach us that happiness has nothing to do with fun. More times than not, things that lead to happiness involve some pain like professional achievement, religious commitment, civic or charitable work, self improvement.”

Renowned psychologist, Dr. David Myers, says that the way to achieve happiness is:  ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE.

Dr Myers writes, “Our mind is so powerful that our thoughts affect our moods and behavior. If we keep dwelling on an unhappy past that we cannot change, we are depriving ourselves of the present and a future that we can still do something about.”

He continues, “We may feel depressed over a failure or crisis, but this should not last too long. If you want to be truly happy, don’t engage in self absorbed idleness or park yourself in front of the TV. Get involved in something that utilizes your skills.”

Can you now see where true happiness lies?

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