The Brevity of Life

The clock is ticking.

How old are you now? No matter your age, time slips by quickly. Experts say, a normal life span is 70 years old. If by reason of strength, one may reach 80 or a little beyond.

Have you seen this Wristwatch you can buy called “Tikker?” This special watch tells you what time it is, calculates your estimated normal life span, and displays a running countdown of your remaining time. It’s advertised as a “watch that counts down your life, just so you can make every second last.”

We all grapple with brevity of life. The life span is no longer than the width of our hand. It’s only a moment to God. A mere breath to Him.

Comfort to know that you are not alone in your struggles and reactions to life. It’s understandable. When we look back on our lives, many of us lament our mistakes and wasted efforts.

But take comfort that in the face of all our mistakes or sins, it’s God who remains our hope. No matter how much of a mess we have made in our lives, it’s never too much of a mess for God to redeem.

Finding hope in God’s psychotherapy and healing today.

The time to live for Him is now.

Ask yourself:

In what ways am I wasting time?
In what ways am I making my days count?
In what areas do I need to make changes?

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