Know Your Limits

Tina is 60. Even with aching joints and ankles, she remains physically active, running, scuba diving, and a lot of tennis. As a result, she experiences diminishing energy coupled with cranky muscles that hurt more.

Tina is in denial. She experiences a conflict between her wish to be physically fit and her growing reality of physical limits due to aging. The pain triggers her to examine her body needs and see if she can continue at same pace she did as a younger woman. She now realizes the value of staying fit but understanding one’s limits.

I read of playwright Sam Shepard when he reflected on the question of aging. He said 40 was hard but by 50 he was “cruising.” When he turned 59, he was asked if he was still cruising along. “In overdrive,” he laughed. “It’s very strange what happens with the body – it’s not easy to swing up on a horse anymore.”

Changes in our bodies are nature’s way of showing us our reality. They are triggers that cause us to respect reality and how we take care of our selves. They teach us to know our limits and respond mentally and physically in an appropriate, healthy way.

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