Strength At Broken Places

“Life breaks us all sometimes, but some grow strong at the broken places.”
— Ernest Hemingway

John had all the signs of a walking wounded dead. His wife’s cyber affair and departure ended their 20-year marriage. During those 20 years, he had accomplished a level of public recognition in his international work in the religious field.

Now, John was alone and very distraught. He found himself in tears each day. Many of his relatives and friends had turned their backs on him. His growing children were being alienated from him by his adulterous wife, blaming that he was the cause of her deeds.

When I met John in the session, he could not move on. His days were filled with depression, loneliness, and emptiness. For two years, he isolated himself. He refused to circulate around people and find support in church or communities.

Then, he finally gave in. He agreed to join support groups and reach out to new friends. Week after week, he shared his wounded thoughts and feelings through small group teaching and sharing times. All these while loudly proclaiming inside him that he’s hopeless.

Then a miracle happened to the innermost core of John’s self.

John’s tears began to dry up. Smiles were appearing on his face. He began to have stronger faith and realize that there was life for him after the trauma of his wife’s infidelity and abandonment. He was starting to receive more strength by reaching out to God and people.

Today, John is a millionaire entrepreneur and has a huge new circle of friends, and has written two best selling Recovery books. Among the communities where he became active, he is now easily one of the happiest and most sought-after teachers in his church family.

I believe John’s secret of his self healing was living out the principle of St. Paul, who wrote, “When I am weak, then I am strong” (2 Corinthians 12:10). Turning his brokenness into strength became his transcending choice.

Whatever the cause of your woundedness, you can choose to grow strong at broken places. I do my self, and a lot others, so do you!

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