Your Own Best Friend

In my practice, it’s so common my hearing individuals doubting the value of their persons. They feel inherently defective. They don’t feel deserving of love and respect. They see themselves as worthless. A lot others constantly compare themselves to others. Rather than being conscious of their own value or uniqueness as persons, they continue to experience bothersome thoughts and feelings about themselves.

The convictions that sustain and reinforce one’s value and uniqueness are essential to counteract common internal negative messages held by persons. The beliefs that need to be cherished by the self are:

* I am a person of worth.

* I am important.

* I am in the best position to experience what I’m like in the inside.

* I can love my self despite whatever happened to my externals.

* I respect my self and expect others to respect me.

* I take personal responsibility for all my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

* I have a good relationship with each part of my self.

* I am unique, no one in the world like me.

* I am my own best friend.

* I do nothing to harm my health and relationships.

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