Managing Road Rage

In recent news, a middle-aged man driving a luxury vehicle shot a motorcycling young man on his head during a road altercation. The young man died instantly. His offense?  His motorcycle almost touched the other’s vehicle and he showed displeasure with mere words.

That seems to happen all the time. Stories of destructive anger in its various forms pop up all over the world. On the road, often now.

Well, you wouldn’t do anything like that, I mean murder someone because you’re angry, would you? But have you ever lost your temper? Have you ever done things you wish you had not done? Or, have you said words you wish you never had said? I do! Speaking of teaching from experience!

Therapy for destructive anger is a process that takes time. To outline what I discovered to be helpful (for myself and others who need to get free from this), take a look below 4 kinds of anger (with Scripture passages to read) with a statement that describes what needs to be done for each one:

Scriptures to Read: Proverbs 14:17; 15:18; 18:13; 19:19
Therapeutic Key: Sudden anger is to be CONTROLLED.

Scriptures to Read: Matthew 5:21; Romans 12:19
Therapeutic Key: Sinful anger is to be CONDEMNED.

Scriptures to Read: Eph 4:26, 31-32
Therapeutic Key: Stubborn anger is to be CONQUERED.

Scriptures to Read: Eph 4:26; Mark 3: 1-5
Therapeutic Key: Sanctified anger is to be CHANNELED.

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