Depression Can Be Healthy For You!

Depression can be good. As noted psychiatrist and bestselling author, Dr. M.Scott Peck describes it, the “healthiness of depression” can benefit your well being.

So you ask, what is healthy about being depressed? Is it healthy to be crying all the time and wallowing in self-pity? Are profound feelings of lethargy, hopelessness, disconnectedness, sadness, headaches, low energy, sleeplessness, even thoughts of suicide healthy?

Of course, you have ample reason to experience being depressed as you suffer loss, damage, or trauma. But remember too that your depression is not only necessary – it can be productive in your forward movement toward healing. Those “symptoms” of depression are a way to prepare your body and mind to do something significant … and better in your life.

I work a lot with depressed people. The greater the wounds or losses experienced, the greater the depression. Here’s what I notice: when they’re over the depression, they say something like “I’m a better person because I went through it! I discovered new things about me.”

Like all things in this life, every depression will pass. However, it will pass only if you do the right things. With the right course of actions, you can shorten your depression. You can heal. You can grow. In fact, after healing through dark valleys of your soul, the experience could be one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened in your life.

If you’re depressed right now, go through each day … one step at a time. Endure and reflect every moment. Pray. Seek help. Expand your circles of support. Look to the future with great expectation of how depression can make you the best that you can be in your life.

Sooner, thanksgivings will pour out your windows! There will be laughter spilling through your door. Things will get better. Your depression has passed. You’ll thrive. You’ll flourish.

Are you depressed about being depressed? You don’t have to. Embrace your depression as a basic stage and first step towards your healing process and personal growth.

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