The Epidemic of Infidelity

Nowadays, infidelity or adultery is a destructive “epidemic” in our society. It destroys lives, families, and souls.

Statistically, about 60% of married people will commit adultery at some point in their marriage.

A lot of counselors, friends, priests, and pastors are making a mess of the lives of individuals recovering from infidelity on a “hunch.” Many of them fall into the “cause and effect trap” or other simplistic explanations. This is disastrous when it comes to personal and marital recovery.

These people helpers mean well. But when it comes to woundedness caused by infidelity, there is simply no/little experience or training offered in medical schools, psychology graduate schools, universities, and seminaries.

Among professional therapists and doctors, there is also found little positive help. Based on the personal experience of author/psychologist and infidelity recovery specialist, Peggy Vaughan, she testified that she was unable to find professional help that is considered helpful and effective at a time when she and her husband were healing their marriage from a series of extra-marital affairs.

According to a well known research done by Peggy herself, results showed that only 13% of therapists know how to address infidelity. This was based on a survey of 1,083 people whose spouses had affairs.

Here were more highlights of Peggy’s research:

* On page 32, “Was the counselor helpful?”(861 responses)
57% – No, mostly frustrating
23% – Yes, but not as much as I’d like
20% – Yes, very helpful

* On pg. 33, the question is asked: “Did the counselor focus directly on the issue of affairs?” (725 Responses)
59% – No, mainly focused on general marital problems
28% – yes, but not as strongly or clearly as I’d like
13% – Yes, very directly dealt with this issue.

From this survey, something is wrong when over half of hurt spouses recovering from infidelity say their psychotherapy/counseling is of very little help or lacking in effectiveness.

Now my point is this: as a psychotherapist myself, I want to advance the proper and adequate treatment of infidelity in a holistic way. To that end, if you’re suffering from your spouse’s infidelity and betrayal, I’d like to help you. What I share with you is infidelity treatment that’s not merely based on clinical perspective or theory, but on “experienced reality,” transcendence, and “whole self” therapy.

To begin your affair recovery journey, feel free to call or text me at my 24/7 Hotline +63 9090833374 or email me at

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