Building Your Thinking Brain

To build your best self up, you need to improve your thoughts day by day. The ability to think clearly, realistically, and positively is one of our greatest secrets to help us live a happy, successful life.

If there is physical workout, there is also neurological workout. Brain workout. Thinking workout. When we do such, it strengthens the neuron pathways between areas of our brain.  That increases our IQ, even our EQ.

Therapy and counseling can be a long process. This is especially so when emotional and mental injuries are severe. Those who follow brain and thinking workouts have better chances of faster and more substantial recovery.

Christine had months of structured cognitive therapy with me focused on thought distortions. Having been traumatized by years of family violence, abuse, and dysfunction, she became flooded with emotions and unable to think clearly.

I identified the main tasks for Christine to work on in a challenging yet familiar way. Since she likes writing and painting, I asked her to keep a journal and write on it at least one entry each day based on a reading material I assigned her. I also prodded her to paint, reflecting her thoughts and impressions.

In due time, I was amazed to watch in real time how she got better and better. An example of her motivation to recover is, when she started a new blog where she put in her thoughts and sketches each day.

I’m proud of how Christine is able to manage her psychological trauma wounds by building up her thinking brain. She has become much better prepared to deal not only with her current challenges but also those in store for her in the future.

Build your thinking brain. Daily. Such workouts reserve a nest egg for you that can be recruited if disease, stress, or trauma strikes at any unexpected time of life.

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