Surprise Gift

Long ago, I was at the lowest point of my life. Feeling over-stressed personally and professionally.

I just felt too tired. Just wanting to stay in bed and not do anything.

Then, a DHL courier knocked on my house door. He had packet for me.

In it was a free two-way travel ticket to Seoul, Korea. All expenses paid accommodation for 30 days from a known sponsor.

My developing depression was halted. My “foreign travel without money” gave me a fresh supply of fuel into my mind, heart, and spirit.

After that trip, I got back home. And to family and work with overflowing energy and zest!

According to a Cornell University psychology study, there is a direct connection between happiness and even just planning a trip.

The study also showed proofs that traveling reduces stress levels, relieves anxiety or depression.

My patient, Anthony, was a very resistant client. Even after months of sessions, he still felt stuck.

He watched self help videos, read materials, did gym workouts etc. in addition to his therapy sessions. Still nothing seemed to work for him.

Because he wanted to experience change in his life, he travelled. He went to Japan with his wife and two young kids.

He moved from place to place, from snow to snow there. And in the process, he started noticing receiving bits and pieces about himself.

When Anthony returned to session after a couple of weeks, he evidenced a different view of life.

The newer, unique life perspective resulted not only from his self reflections.

But it also came from the culture or peoples he connected with in his travel.

Henry Miller aptly pointed healing benefit of travel, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Travel helps you heal. Don’t miss its high benefits to refresh and reinvent your life.

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