Vulnerable Yet Safe

One of the healing books you may want to get a hold of is Dr. Judith Orloff’s Guide to Intuitive Healing.

In the book, Dr. Orloff teaches you about sensitivity, among a host of others, especially in the area of expression of emotions.

She writes:

“Sensitivity is learning, at your own pace, to remain wide open to an intuitive realm – being one with the wind, the moon, other people’s joys, sorrows, the continuum of life and death. From this oneness comes an intimate ecstatic bond with all of existence, exactly what you don’t want to protect yourself from.”

In my practice as a psychotherapist, I’ve witnessed clients getting out of control due to their level of “sensitivity” to people or situations.

Is therapy to “toughen up?”

Men are especially culturally and socially conditioned this way.

I like one of the insights of Dr. Orloff in her book regarding this matter:

“Sensitivity turns against you only when you feel overwhelmed.”

The author is teaching us to stay receptive and not to be obliterated or overwhelmed by the intensity of input coming from our inner “sensitivity.”

She calls it remaining “vulnerable and feel safe.”

But how?

Dr. Orloff explains in a nutshell:

“The answer is never to shut your sensitivity off but to develop it as a creative resource.”

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