From Scattering to Hope

This poet, Christopher Reid, authored a book entitled “A Scattering.” It’s a collection of poems written after the death of the author’s wife.

The title of the book derives from the practice of elephants to scatter bones and fragments of their dead with their trunks.

Wounded souls can be like elephants. They scatter. Memories. Images. Flashbacks. Impressions. Loves. Acts.

We can learn from the book that “scattering” in life could develop into new patterns of hope and new beginnings.

A way into it is healthy acceptance of what really is. That you’re not afraid to see the reality of what truly happened … and it may come and remain with you as fragments and moments.

Life needs courage. Courage is going from one scattering to another scattering without losing enthusiasm.

Even amid scattering, you must keep the faith to turn over a new leaf.

Even amid scattering, you can find a new lease behind your dashed hopes in life.

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