Chess Therapy Book

Life is like chess.

As chessmaster Dr. Siegbert Tarrasch put it, “Chess, like love, like music, has the power to make men happy.”

In the book “Chess Therapy,” (a copy of which I received personally from the author himself Dr. Jose Fadul many years back in his condo place), I get this idea of happiness work through chess.

Chess has many life metaphors. And it’s also being employed in psychotherapy as a form of life education.

Pioneers Dr. Fadul and his co-author Dr. Canlas, presented 8 real life case studies, using the chess game for diagnosis, intervention, or both.

They wrote, you ” … will find these case studies insightful regarding the impulsive tendencies, behavior under pressure, as well as handling of losses and defeats of some chess playing clients.”

There’s more to the book, which you can find interesting, especially if you’re a chess player or chess loving psychologist.

The authors demonstrated that chess can be therapeutic in life and character development. It’s easily within the domain of counseling and psychotherapy.

(Secrets of Your Self by Dr. Angelo O. Subida)

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