Am I missing out?

We are all longing human beings. It’s an inescapable part of our basic nature.

In the book “High Windows,” author Philip Larkin sees two young people and imagines them in his mind having sex.

It’s agony for him. The sight brings him pain. Longing. Envy. Regret. He realizes how much of it relates to his feelings of having missed out in his own life.

We all miss out. Life is limited by time, space, opportunities, our imperfections.

Missing out, dissatisfaction, is inevitable. We’d always be dissatisfied humans.

But here’s the big picture. There will always be some great, remarkable things that you can know … and some that you may not know.

These gifts are waiting for us all along, to be appreciated and be thankful for.

Are you still missing out?

Check out Dr. Subida’s book, “SECRETS OF YOUR SELF.”

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