True Love

What is TRUE LOVE?

It differs from February 14 Valentine’s Day idea. Though this has been a day of sweethearts of all ages, the root of this modern holiday is not about true love at all.

Historically, St. Valentine was no lover or patron of love.

Valentine’s Day in fact originated as a liturgical feast to celebrate the beheading/decapitation of a 3rd century Christian martyr. Or, perhaps, two of them.

Valentine’s Day then is a commercialized Love day fake news!

Last year, I watched the movie “A Star is Born” that deals with mental health issues in a date with my Honey, and fell in love with its song “Shallow” and it’s message.

We all need to be in a conversation … not about the shallow, but the deep issues of life.

True love is deep, not shallow (1 Corinthians 13).

Happy Love day always!

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