Let’s Talk About Mental Health

What is “mental health?”

In psychology, that can be a rather vague term, subject to multiple understandings. Depending on one’s theoretical standpoint, that’s how it will be defined.

But beyond merely defining the term is a question I posed to all of us: How do we know or learn to be in good mental health?

We can venture to answer by saying that a person with good mental health has certain characteristics, such as:

… poised

… loving

… unhurried

… non-defensive

… objectively at ease with any circumstance

… emotional stability in the face of pressures

In a mental health seminar conducted years ago, several questions were posed to diagnose whether you have fulfillment and mental health:

How free are you from indulging in emotional thinking?

How realistic is your assessment of your own importance?

Are you able to relate objectively to the needs of others?

Do you generally have a good sense of personal worth?

How panic-proof are you in the face of pressure?

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