Do you have within you what you need to solve your problem?

Dr. Carl Rogers is founder of the client-centered approach to therapy.

In the “verbal-mirror” step of Roger’s theory, the counselor simply reflects back the counsel’s words without affirming or denying them.

Such approach mostly advocates listening to a counselee’s tale of woes, and leaving him or her to figure out for himself or herself what will make him or her get well.

Of course, there’s value in the simple act of listening. But since Roger’s approach stops there without rendering constructive direction, we can doubt whether it will have any deep or long-lived value.

Do you have within you the resources you need to solve your problem?

The answer depends on how you view the nature of humankind.

You’ll say Yes, if you think one only needs a verbal mirror to help him see himself, believing in man’s innate goodness and resources.

You’ll say No, if you believe in the biblical concept of the natural depravity of man … that left to his own, he has no capacity or inner resources to solve his problems or heal his wounds.

Man, to truly solve the problems of life, needs outside help. Specifically, it’s help from God and His Word from the standpoint of Christian therapy and counseling.

The futility of Roger’s approach is patently obvious in the light of the Christian view of man and his nature.

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