The Greek Tragedy

Have you heard of the Greek tragedy?

It’s the Socratic principle, “Ignorance is the root of all evil.” For the Greek philosopher, right understanding leads to right action.

In this, it’s assumed that right education ands knowledge inevitably produce right behavior. Is this true in real life?

A lawyer-client who handles adultery and divorce cases commits adultery himself. He knows the law yet he himself breaks the law he knows and has been educated on.

A priest sexually abuses one of his altar boys in the parish where he serves and teaches on morality and righteousness. He underwent years of extensive education on theology in the seminary.

A patient was told by his doctor not to smoke for its harmful to his health. Seeing a pack of cigarettes on the doctor’s shirt, the patient reacted, “Then why are you smoking Doc?”

The wrong actions of men do not necessarily stem from ignorance. It may also stem from education, which avoids personal responsibility and moral guilt.

That’s the tragedy of Greek tragedy. It’s tragedy, with no cure.

The essential factor obviously lacking in Greek philosophy is the basic depravity in the nature and will of man by which he expresses a broken life despite knowing what’s right.

Therapy takes this missing factor and invests in it a deeper meaning and a more whole-person approach to life change and healing.

Secrets of Your Self:

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