Need Help?

If you need help, therapy, or counseling, I’m here and you can reach me.

This site is about being whole. Just when you thought you have been broken apart.

It’s actually experiencing that life may be falling together for the first time just when you feel it’s falling apart.

I’d say this site is a miracle. It offers hope and insight where blindness and despair reside.

When you are hurt, you cannot see and you cannot sing and you cannot dance life’s happy dance.

Let me help you move deeply into a journey of self healing and empowerment.

With it, I offer you my own miracle by giving you a greatest gift: my own transparency, my own healed pain and wound, not just my professional tools or skills.

To begin the journey only takes one email with your story. Normally, it takes a day or so for me to respond. Definitely, you’ll receive one.

May your dreams come true!


2 thoughts on “Need Help?

  1. Hello Dr. Subida. My friend thinks she needs a therapist or counselor. Can you help her? How can we reach you or where can we find your office?

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